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Custom Designed Art

I specialize in beautiful custom designed art that will fit perfectly in your home! My pieces can be a one of one. My art is special, unique and will instantly add value to your home.

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One Of One Art Masterpieces

Every feeling that I experience is incorporated into my artwork. I put my all into everything that I do and want my customers to feel what I feel and experience the beauty of my Art because it comes directly from my HeART! Enjoy!

How To Get A Custom Painting

1. Choose your colors and shades
2. Be deposit ready ($200 up front deposit) 
3. Text 202-750-9303 for a visual consultation

Who Am I?

Hey, I am the founder/CEO and Artist. I created this business as a creative way to express and share my heart with the world. Through my art, I would like to inspire and share the trials and tribulations of life with my buyers. My art feels equivalent to walking through life with me because each piece will speak of my current state. My main goal is to open an art studio one day that offers a quiet place for therapy and resources for the soul. 

Contact Us For A Custom Art Request

I take pride in creating my art as well as pleasing my customers! I offer customized artwork which is available upon request. If you would like me to create your art vision then fill out the form and I will get in touch with you to offer pricing and get more information on your specific project request!

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Belle Zara Milan Art

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